Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Marxian and Fabian Socialism

There are two distinct schools of Marxian and Fabian Socialism gifts for book lovers.

The revolution was to come soon-anytime-they was prepared for it.
The Marxian:
·         Will not compromises
·         Does good service
·         and works to infuse the spirit of cooperation into all parties.
The Fabien:
·         Thanks heaven that things aren’t worse
·         Is alert
·         and is watchful of their opportunity.
One was a revolutionary; and the other was an evolutionist.
The book is in like-new condition.

Friday, September 15, 2017

U.S. Army Tank of Tomorrow Stryker

U.S. Army Tank of Tomorrow Stryker
You and your U.S. Army Tank of Tomorrow Stryker  Gifts for Book Lovers roll into the city inside four of the same kind of vehicles.
 Suddenly, an explosion rocks the vehicle that you are traveling through.
The explosion does not hurt you or the soldiers inside, because of:
·         The high-tech digital communications device
·         A bulletproof armored vehicle
·         And a 50-caliber heavy machine gun. 
Congratulations soldier! They surrender. Their weapons cannot match the might at your fingertips.
This book is in very good condition but, has creasing to the cover.

Monday, July 31, 2017

The Key to Success: Body-Life Now!

If you’re just getting started on the road to physical fitness, you’ll find the key to success: Body-Life Now! Gifts for Book Lovers will be especially beneficial.
You’ll be doing yourself a big favor by including these inspiring pages into your regular routine, however you choose to do so.
Inside you’ll find 75 crisp little meditations on:
·       Fitness
·       Nutrition
·       Attitude
·       And a lifestyle that was supercharge your workout.
Whether you’re a serious body builder, competitive athlete, or just somebody who wants to drop a few pounds and be a little healthier than you are now, this power-devotional is for you!
The book is in great condition and autographed by the author.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Secrets of Faith- Full and Fit

The secrets of Faith- Full and Fit Gifts for Book Lovers 
not only provides the physical tools needed to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain it, but also offers Biblical and spiritual guidance to help fill the hollowness that causes us to seek physical pleasure.
Have you unsuccessfully tried to lose weight, get healthy, or change your lifestyle?
This book teaches you how to:
·       improve your lifestyle by looking within first,
·       heal the body from the inside out,
·       change the inner spiritual issues.

 You can develop a closer relationship to God and learn to let Him lead, while renewing the heart and mind to produce lasting, healthier decisions.

This book is in great condition and autographed by the author.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Must Know About RPSGT Exam Secrets study guide

The goal in this must know about RPSGT Exam Secrets study guide Gifts for Book Lovers is to cover the content on the test, as well as provide insight into typical test taking mistakes and how to overcome them.
Each step is carefully selected for its effectiveness.
This study guide is:
·       Fast-paced
·       Fluff-free
·       And exploiting weaknesses in the test.
How you will do on this test will have an impact on the future and it has the research and practical advice to help you execute on test day.

This book is in very good condition was minor highlighting and writing.