Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cutting-edge Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual

The cutting-edge Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual Gifts for Book Lovers is your official guide to the equipment and organization of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.
A must for all Aliens fans, this book examines the technology of the film’s futuristic nightmare in every detail.

Check it out!  We’ve got:

·         Tactical smart missiles

·         Phased plasma cannon

·         Pulse rifles

·         RPG’s

·         Nukes

·         Knives

·         And sharp sticks

But on a dirt ball planet known only as LV-426 the Marines lost.

The book is in great condition with some tattered corners.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Exceptional The Facts on Jesus the Messiah

Exceptional The Facts on Jesus the Messiah Gifts for Book Lovers booklet is a valuable resource for the Christian’s own understanding and witnessing in an increasingly sinful world.
No other man has impacted the world like Jesus of Nazareth.

Discover answers to key questions about prophecy and the life of Jesus:

·Is biblical prophecy proof of God’s existence?
·What is the probability that all prophecies concerning the Messiah could have been fulfilled in the life of one person?
·What specific Messianic prophecies did Jesus fulfilled?
·What difference does it make if Jesus is the promised Messiah?

This booklet is a significant tool for addressing the questions of Christians and skeptics alike.

This book is in great condition but has some yellowing to the pages.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Causes of Global Warming & The Greenhouse Effect

The study of causes of Global Warming & The Greenhouse Effect Gifts for Book Lovers is an excellent way to address the goals in science for all students. 

If you are an educator, you have a responsibility to inform your students about this topic, since it will have a high impact on their lives.

Global warming involves numerous areas in science like:

·         Physics

·         Biology

·         Chemistry

·         Earth science

We do not expect or desire all students to become scientists and mathematicians; but you should expect them to be significantly knowledgeable and motivated to remain current on new scientific research the world is lots and to apply what they’ve learned to personal decisions and societal issues.
There are some imperfections to the cover and some folded pages.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Faith and life Studies in Christian Living

In faith and life Studies in Christian Living, Gifts for Book Lovers you’ll find help for establishing a program of personal study in God’s Word, learning and practicing the essentials of a well- rounded Christian life, and growing into a plan of Bible study you can continue on your own.

This series is even great for a Sunday school or bible study class.

The six books in these lessons are:

·        Knowing Jesus Christ

·        Beginning a New Life

·        Talking with Christ

·        Growing as a Christian

·        Developing Your faith

·        Serving Others

If you understand the Biblical truth about these subjects, you can begin seeing these important issues from God’s point of view.

These books are in great condition but there is minimal writing.

Serving Others is not pictured but is included with the set.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bible Sharing Putting The Go In The Go Ye

In the spirit-filled Putting The Go In The Go Ye, Gifts for Book Lovers Bishop H. Daniel Wilson, uniquely, innovatively and simplistically demonstrates how to witness to sinners.
Bishop Wilson gives the call to spread the gospel to the world to Christians that haven’t done it yet.
If you need help in becoming and personal soul winner this information will be:
  ·       Anointed
      ·       Simple but effective
      ·       And creative

This book will bless your life, your ministry and your church.

The book is an almost new condition.