Saturday, December 17, 2016

Amazing Your Spouse is Not Your Problem

Have you ever been around a person that constantly blames their spouse for the strife in their marriage? He or she is the blame for
everything that goes wrong—from why the kids are little monsters to living in the wrong house.

Your Spouse is Not Your Problem  is a great book on Christian marriage that the Couples Ministry at my church studied a few years back. It was so effective in marriage advice about how we were placing the blame for the wrong place that two couples in our small group dropped the class! These two couples marital problems were to play the “blame game” and didn’t want to hear how the blame could be somewhere else.

You’ll be helped and encouraged by these topics:

·         Why me?
·         Lost opportunities
·         It’s an inside job
·         Problem half solved
·         Let’s be honest
·         You’re supposed to win
. . . and many more.

At only 140 pages, Your Spouse is Not Your Problem is a quick read, but you’ll want to slow down to answer the questions that plague your own marriage and get off the merry-go-round of blaming each other.

The book is in like-new condition.

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